Back On Top But Down Below

Phew that was a nice break from coursework and blogging! So Christmas hols have started and despite LOVING the festivities and that cosy Xmas feeling, sometimes I still wish I was somewhere hot and sunny, somewhere that when the wind blows it doesn't make me grit my teeth and hug myself tight to try and keep warm...so Yvan Rodic's blog is the perfect tool of (imaginary) transportation. By now everyone and their mum knows about Yvan's Facehunter blog but his actual photo diary Yvan Rodic is waaaay better - its visual stimuli to the max! Yvan's latest postings were from Australia, a place I thought I'd never get to/want to go to, because of the 24hr flight and such, but MAN could I do with a dose of Aussie sunshine today!

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