Shrunken Galaxies

Aren't these AQA Contemporary Opal rings the most beautiful things you've ever laid eyes on?

Mixed materials and beautifully mystical Opal are twisted and moulded together in such a way it seems that the creaters must have reached out into the heavens, grabbed some swirls of a Nebula and funnelled them in all their radiant and heavenly beauty into these rings. I'm definately not an accessories girl but when you know, you know.

Found via Luisa Via Roma


My Wardrobe Picks I

As with many of you fashion obsessed out there, I have a massive wardrobe so I've decided that instead of letting these beauties hang on my wall and not get worn or even exposed to the world, I'm going to post one great item from my wardrobe a week!

First up the insanely beautiful bed jacket I found in a charity shop for £7! Its incredibly well made, from the intricate machine stitching to the carefully lined inside. When worn the mandarin collar buttons up quite tightly around the neck and the sleeves are cropped and slightly bell shaped. I have worn this jacket out a few times when I was interning in London but it hasn't received the credit it deserves. So here it is!

It's one of my best ever finds, quite versatile actually, and I'd love to hear how you guys would style it?


Christian Dior S/S 11 Haute Couture

The Haute Couture season has come around again to help shake off the winter lull and inject some excitement back into our lives, and yesterday John Galliano presented his Dior Haute Couture collection in Paris. I was not able to attend due to previous commitments *ahem* but the show was another sweeping success for the house of Dior and the collection was a showcase of the technical skill and creative talent still going strong at the Dior ateliers.

Galliano said to Style.com it was his most technically challenging collection, and although I wouldn't say this was Galliano's strongest HC effort, every design has its merits. I think I speak for most Galliano fans though when I say 'bring back the big theatrical shows!!' You know, back to the good old days of Couture where models were conjured into Egyptian pharaohs and heavily armoured warrior women...

These are my top picks from the collection which was inspired by Rene Gruau, an illustrator for Christian Dior in the 1940's and 50's. I love the sheer layered effect of the fabrics, the illustrative brush strokes of sequins, and the masks, in particular the feline looking one on Magdalena Frackowiak.

pictures source


Street Snaps

I think it's the mix of layers and proportions that makes this guys outfit great. Am I mistaken in thinking he's wearing a military jumpsuit under the coats and cardigans? Whatever, it works!

And this girl knows her way around a coat. I love the boots and hat (I'm a hat girl myself) and the subtle use of colour, topped off with that beautiful olive coat. What more do you need? Oh yeah, a smile!

pictures source


Issy Blow

Famed for her inexplicable talent for sniffing out extraordinary talent, and occasionally wearing an incredible hat or two, Isabella Blow was a true original. Since recieving 'Isabella Blow' by Martina Rink for Christmas I've been a wee bit obsessed with Issy. I've absorbed the book cover to cover, read every word and analysed every picture in it. But its still not enough! And it'll never be enough because I'll never get to meet her. 

I know its abit depressing to harp on about but it really saddens me that two of my fashion heros will be forever unreachable. I am too late getting into the game to ever meet them and THAT is depressing. I am, ofcourse, talking about Issy and Alexander McQueen, two British geniuses that will be sorely missed in the industry forever. To curb this sadness I scoured The Fashion Spot for Isabella's thread, saving every image I can't believe I'd never saved before. Here's some I've found of Issy at various shows but obviously every Issy sighting is a symphony of excess and brilliance:

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Rochas Pre-Fall 2011

Absolutely one of my favourite Pre-Fall collections and gaining ground as one of my most anticipated shows when fashion week rolls around. Designer Marco Zanini has stealthily been altering the Rochas DNA for a few seasons now and this Pre-Fall collection feels solid, carefully considered, and the styling is beautifully simple - a statement hat, elegant earrings, smudgy make-up, a bulky bag tucked under arm. And I can't express how much I love that every look is styled with flat shoes (brogues/loafers?) and crumpled socks, because it still gets me that nearly EVERY collection shows heels but I can't be the only one who finds the idea of wearing heels all the time abit, well, painful and unrealistic?! Thank god for original thinkers like Marco Zanini! I would summarise this collection exactly how Zanini describes the Rochas label to Style.com: 'Unconventional glamour'

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Ana Sekularac

My new article is up on Running In Heels!

Designer Ana Sekularac has been steadily making waves in the fashion industry for years now and its about time she got the recognition she deserves! Read my article here to learn more about this incredibly talented women...