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THE Dress

Planning a wedding takes alot of effort, money, and patience, mostly on behalf of the bride-to-be and the bride's parents. Well it's certainly that way in my case. Yes, I'm engaged to be married next August! My fiance and I have sorted a beautiful church in the picturesque town I grew up in, a gorgeous posh country pub/restuarant with a thatched roof and a lake surrounding for the reception, and now its down to the nitty gritty; cars, cakes, suits, wedding ringss, music playlist, practising our first dance together *ahem*. But the most important thing, ofcourse, is the wedding dress!

Much like any fashion obsessed woman I've been dreaming of my wedding dress since I was proposed to over a year ago (eating a 3 course champagne dinner under the stars on a beach in Mexico, a-thank-you) so I've decided to have my dress specially made for me and (fingers crossed) I think I've found just the woman to do it. But that shouldn't stop me from shopping around right? Not when Net-a-Porter stocks the MOST beautiful collection of wedding dress ever! So here's my fantasy picks because like anyone can really afford these bad boys!?

For the Ultimate Princess:

Lela Rose Strapless Silk-Gazar Gown -

For the Modern Minimalist:

Emilio De La Morena Pleated Silk Gown -

For the Romantic Bohemian:

Temperly London Embroidered Lace Gown -

 For the Fashion Power Player:
Donna Karan Asymmetric Wool and Silk Blend Gown -

 For the Grecian Goddess:
Donna Karan reflection Asymmetric Satin-Jersey Gown -

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Double :O

So firstly.....

Terry Richardson & Tom Ford kissing!

: O

And in other news I read that the next rumoured H&M collaboration will be with none other than Mr. Tom Ford himself!!  I DIIIIE

: O

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So as promised here is the epic Henry VIII / William Morris coat I bought from Beatnik Emporium a few months ago. I still haven't been able to wear it because it needs a lil' D.I.Y but I love just hanging it up on the picture rail in my room and staring at it for what feels like hours, just imagining the crazy outfits I could concoct with this bad boy.

Extravagant? Yes. Festive? Yes. Totally necassary? YES. It's made up of a tapestry fabric which has a gorgeous paisley pattern, dark paisley velvet sleeves, gold rope frogging detail on the back and front, and black lace panels on the sleeves and sides that make the coat SWOOSH when I twirl in it (which I do ofcourse) and to top of the amazingness - a metallic bronze collar......EPIC COAT-AGE.



Irina Lazareanu is a modern day siren; a musican and model, she has acted as muse to Karl Lagerfeld and Nicolas Ghesquiere, dated and worked with Sean Lennon and Pete Doherty, walked in some of the greatest fashion shows around and comes recommended by Kate Moss.

I first noticed her amidst a sea of other tall, ethereal models because of her classic beauty (she's Romanian Canadian and can speak fluent French) and her incredible personal style. I loved seeing pictures of her bounding out of the shows, smoking a cigarette and posing with the expert knowledge usually reserved to a vetern. Here's some pictures of her rock n' roll editorial from November's Jalouse magazine; it perfectly exemplifies her awesome style and shows off all the inspiring traits that have made Irina the star she is today.


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Beatnik Emporium

I've lived in my fair share of cities and over-developed towns over the years but Southampton has to be one of the best for shopping. As a student here I get to enjoy both the high street and the charity shops but my favourite past time has to be vintage shopping, and Southampton has one vintage shop in particular that I impulsively pop into at least once a week, called Beatnik Emporium. Stocking a mix of vintage and indie clothes Beatnik is set apart from other vintage shops as it offers the option to 'hire' clothes as well as buy. As you can imagine it gets super busy around Halloween time when everyone wants to be a pirate or a mad scientist, but the real treasures in the shop is the actual vintage clothing and accessories, which is all reasonally priced and well maintained.

As anyone who knows me can attest I am vintage crazy and love the thrill of stepping into a shop and imagining what amazing things await. Nothing excites me more! Some of my treasured finds from Beatnik include some 1970's gold boots that are very Alison Mosshart-esqe and an incredible coat thats a bricolage of tapestry, velvet and lace that I will post a.s.a.p because it has to be seen to be believed!

Clothing at Beatnik Emporium is divided into mens vintage,
womens vintage, fancy dress for hire and Indie clothes

The accessories number in the 100s and haggling has
never been frowned upon!

Find Beatnik Emporium at 202 Above Bar St, Southampton, Hampshire SO14 7DW, call 023 8063 3428 or visit their website to see what they can offer you!


Nina and Lola

My new article is up on Running In Heels! Established in 2007 Nina and Lola is an online boutique that stocks an amazing mix of up-and-coming designers and well curated vintage from Christian Dior to Liberty and Yves Saint Laurent. But the true treasures of the boutique, in my opinon, is the jewellery. Hannah Martin's unisex jewellery brings a hefty dose of rock n' roll and Fannie Schiavoni's medieval bodyarmour inspired collection is a phenomenon waiting to happen!

Hannah Martin Sterling Silver Knife Edge
Knuckle Duster

Hannah Martin Sterling Silver Imperial Eagle Ring

Fannie Schiavoni Steel Chainmail Cross Necklace

Fannie Schiavoni Chainmail Glove
with Aluminum Scales

Aside from the great mix of designers (Stine Goya anyone?) the customer service is top class as it offers worldwide shipping, free returns on all goods and loyalty points assigned to your account, one for every ₤1 spent! You don't see that everyday! This is an original one-of-a-kind boutique so check out my Running In Heels article for more information!


Glorious New Hair Post

As previously mentioned I had a hair cut recently, changing my locks from long to short. Well medium length technically. Anywoo here's a couple of pictures, the first is from the day I cut it and the second it the day after. The stylist curled and poofed and jazzed up my hair with loads of blow drying and products, so what did I do the next day? Straightened it out all! I think the blunt grown out bob is the most fashionable cut of recent times, notably on Abbey Lee Kershaw and Valetine Fillol Cordier. Shame the basterd who did my hair chopped some layers in there too. They just can't help themselves can they?!


Hermès, What A Wonderful Dream!

You know when you see something like a bag or hat and think "I am so inspired by that. Gimme right now!!" and have the urge to play and get creative with it? Well that's what happened as soon as I went onto the Hermès 'J’aime Mon Carrè' site. I mean....wow. I've never wanted something so bad in my life! The site is full of inspiring photographs and grainy vintage looking films featuring cool 'youths' styling their scarfs, and shot in the 4 coolest cities in the world; London, Paris, New York and Tokyo. My favourites have to be New York and Paris!

The Hermès scarf is a classic wardrobe staple, adored by old and new Hollywood celebrities from Audrey Hepburn to Oprah Winfrey and one of my personal style icons, Sarah Jessica Parker. Take a look at the site, then go to their online boutique and start compiling your wish list! I'll take one in every colour please!

US ELLE magazine did a great editorial awhile back on the Hermès scarf and the multitude of ways to wear it, and its still up online for you to take a look at. For now I'll just have to experiment with this 1970's multi coloured tie-dye scarf that was donated to me by one of my mum's friends. C'est chic non?


Best Holiday of 2010

So this is my first appearance on the blog! Be aware I do now have awesome short hair and my fiance Chris still looks the same..like a caveman. But he's my caveman! This was a week long trip to Centre Parcs in Longleat Forest and we had a blast; we stayed in our own house, went out for meals nearly every night, went swimming, played crazy golf and ping pong, ate pancakes and tapas...all in all it was an amazing holiday and here's the pictures as proof!

This was our home for the week, felt nice to be around all the greenery

Lovely and cosy with a lake view

We rented bikes too, there's no better way to get around!

Centre Parcs has an amazing indoor Tropical Swimming Pool
which has outdoor rapids and flumes!

Awesome Medieval themed golf course

Craaaaazy golf

We were lucky to get some beautiful weather

We bowled alot and Chris won alot

He's very happy about winning clearly
Chillin' at the 'bucks

The Spanish restuarant was so cool and felt authentic

Tequila Sunrise!

Mouth wateringly good Tapas...mmm just thinking about those
little chunks of chorizo..

Chris kickin' ass

That's my competition face....scary

Chris's pump rocket...1,2.3 FIRE!!

Being gorgeous in the gorgeous secenery

Ping Pong! Chris won that too

What? Your never too old to have fun



Mwaaaa! Au Revoir!

All pictures my own