Minty Fresh

Wearing : H&M black cropped bra top, H&M mint green draped dress, charity shop black blazer, charity shop snakeskin print scarf, Zara black velvet slippers and silver necklace/earring/ring

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Stefano Pilati

Over the last few years I have noticed that menswear fashion has come to the forefront and is now regarded as being somewhat on a level with womenswear, in terms of importance and the press coverage it now recieves. I love how men are taking note of fashion (and I'm talking in generalities here), and I love the influx of stylish men being snapped on streetstyle blogs outside of shows and on the streets on New York, Paris, Milan and London. Grazia actually did a great double-page feature in their February '11 issue on men in fashion titled, yup it's a doozy, 'Hot Fashion Men Alert', and Tommy Ton's street snaps for GQ.com is now on my list of must-visit-for-sartorial-inspiration websites.

A few of the more prominent stylish men have always been around - Jefferson Hack (co-founder of Dazed & Confused, Another Magazine and Kate Moss's baby daddy), Tom Ford (shouldn't need to explain this one!) and George Cortina (stylist and worked for Vogue Nippon, L'uomo Vogue and Harper's Bazaar), are a few examples but recently my obsession with men in fashion hit an alltime high when I came across these images of Yves Saint Laurent's chief designer Stefano Pilati. Aged 45, Pilati is, in my opinion, THE most stylish man in the industry and one of the most talented designers of today. Behold the stylish man in all his sexy sexiness -

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And Now for Something Totally Different...

Sometimes I have those days where nothing of any use gets done, but I find a s**t ton of AMAZING new blogs to fill up my time non-productively. Yesterday was one of those days and I must have added atleast 7/8 new blogs to my hit 'em up list, and one of the most outstanding has to be The Brick House.

Despite being an avid fashion groupie (I live it, breathe it, snuggle up to it, make it eggs the next day), I have always had a soft spot for lifestyle and interior design blogs. It allows me to live vicariously through (mostly american?!) people who have the lifestyle and means to afford an amazing home and live an amazing life, whether it's running a confectionary shop and living in a brownstone in Brooklyn, NY, like Sweet Fine Day (love this blog) or documenting the renovation of a mid century brick house in California, like The Brick House. This blog follows Morgan Satterfield shopping in thrift stores/flea markets/vintage shops in order to build the perfect home, while also documenting her travels and happenings to add a fun, personal touch. Naturally with these types of blogs it's all about the amazing visuals so i'll shut up and let the pics do the talking.

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Paris in Spring Time


To celebrate this amazingness I'm posting some pictures from my last trip to Paris during A/W 2010 Fashion Week. I went with friends and we had so much fun stalking editors in the Jardin de Tuileries, hunting down vintage shops, eating over priced but delicious food and drink, and not sleeping enough because we were too excited to want to miss anything that happened in the city! Bring it on!

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Tighten Up

The Black Keys are one of my favourite bands and their album 'Brothers' is a work of genius in my opinion; some of the best songs they've ever written are on this album. Perfect for a Friday night rock-out sesh!

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Just got my hair did for £10 and felt like havin' abit of fun with this season's most fashionable accessory. Am I right ladies?  Werk that 'nana!

It's Like A Lion And A Tiger Mixed...Bred For Its Skills In Magic

I had been meaning to do a post on these two fabulous ladies and their personal style blogs for some time because both women have impeccable taste and always look glam in an effortless rock-star kinda way!

Liger is a 'one-stop shopping pilgrimage' for fans of edgy yet high profile designer clothes and accessories, set in the fashionable district of Causeway Bay, Hong Kong. It's founders Dororthy Hui, a respected stylist, and Hilary Tsui, an actress & style icon, wanted to create somewhere fun for women and men to shop the latest avant-garde collections by designers such as Camilla Skovgaard, Future Classics, KTZ, Bless, Pleasure Principle, Stephen Jones and many, many more. Here are some pictures of Dorothy and Hilary from their personal style blogs, which are WELL worth a visit and a long browse through the archives!

Dorothy Hui :



Tiffany Tsui :


Pictures sourced from Hilary & Dorothy's blogs


MKA Hump Day Post!

Here are some scans from April's US Vogue that features an article on Mary-Kate and Ashley. I like how the pictures seem relaxed and even slightly spontaneous, but the one with the stilts?! WTF. And the shoot seems very 90's to me as well. Anyone?

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