Charlotte Olympia F/W 11

Rising fashion superstar Charlotte Dellal threw a party for her Charlotte Olympia F/W 2011 collection at Mark's Club in Mayfair, London, during last week's LFW. The cocktail party was thrown to showcase her latest collection and to screen the accompanying 3 minute film starring the beautiful Portia Freeman. I loved every shoe but in particular the flat black kitty slippers, as I'm a sucker for cats and have not taken off my black velvet Zara slippers since seeing nearly exactly the same style at The Row's F/W 11 presentation, so the kitty slipper hybrid has a place firmly in my heart! And don't you just love the tassle ankle ties on those red platforms? Such a sexy glamorous detail, and speaking of sexy glam - check out the last pair of shoes...abit kinky ey?!

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Etro F/W 11

This season Veronica Etro took a bold approach to designing her F/W 2011 collection, presented last week in Milan. Etro's signature has always been a subtle mishmash of global cultural references and this season the messages were mixed in a deliberate and thought provoking way. Paisley prints and heavy plaid fabrics mix with curly lambswool collars and sleeves, and bright shots of tangerine orange and electric blue are juxtaposed against grey pinstripe workman's slacks and delicately shimmery tops. For me, the stand out pieces include a heavy gold coin embroidered coat, an elegant white and paisley print shirt dress, and a shimmery mustard nylon lurex dress worn beautifully by Abbey Lee Kershaw as the finale dress. The only faux-pas? The hair and make-up styling - we could have done without the crow-rows non?!

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POP Magazine S/S 11

Publication : POP Spring/Summer 2011
Photographer: Rene Habermacher
Model: Ymre Stiekema

A simply beautiful editorial...reminds me of the Alexander Wang S/S 11 collection. How great would the Acne lime green biker jacket have looked in this editorial?!

picture source via TFS

Acne F/W 11

Ofcourse the entire Acne F/W 11 collection was insanely beautiful, but this lime green leather biker jacket has been thoroughly imprinted in my mind. There's something about the shape, that exactly shade of avocado green and the buckle strap at the bottom that I cannot get out of my head...I think I'm obsessed! If I was someone with abit of expendable money I'd be buying this in a heartbeat!

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Abbey Lee - Rock n' Roll Woman

Abbey Lee Kershaw is in a band!

Well....maybe. I found this on a blog that states that whilst in London for Fashion Week, Abbey Lee apparently played a show with her boyfriend at The Old Blue Last in Shoreditch. His band's called 'Our Mountain', I wonder if Abbey Lee is part of it or just playing the rock n' roll hippie muse?

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My Wardrobe Picks II

Here's my wardrobe pick of the week! I thought it might make a nice change from the mad Fashion Weeks posts going on all over the blogsphere..

This is a beautiful dusky navy blue silk kimono dress from Topshop, and I had a real case of 'fashion fate' with this baby. I brought it during the London Fashion Week S/S 2011 shows while I was working for a PR company; I found it squashed next to a black silk trench coat (which I also bought) on a sale rail for £50. Still pretty expensive though right? Well I brought it anyway and after returning home and a week of um's and ah's, I decided (downheartedly ofcourse) that I couldn't afford it and, being a student, could probably use the money for food and bills, so I returned it to the Topshop in my city. So a few weeks pass and I nip into Topshop again to browse, and what's sitting there practically WAITING for me with a further £20 off?! This beautiful baby, exactly the same one I returned weeks before! Totally.meant.to.be. It must be love, love, LOVE!

Do you guys ever have 'fashion fate' moments?


Paul Smith F/W 11

Paul Smith will always have a place in my patrotic British heart because simply, he is utterly charming and so are his collections. Bookish, comfortable, stylish and modern are four adjectives I would use to describe this collection, but another way of putting it could be: "it makes me feel like curling up on a large leather sofa, under a cashmere blanket, with a cup of tea and a good book." Good review huh? I'll let the pictures do the talking..

Unfortunately two of my favourite looks (the tangerine orange high-collared coat and the mandarin collared grey dress over trousers) won't show up, but all pictures were sourced from Style.com


Peter Pilotto F/W 11

Great collection by the boys at Peter Pilotto. It's nice when you can see the progression from one collection to the next, and with this there's a clear progression in terms of silhouettes and tailoring, but the collection still maintains that quirky-slightly-arty Pilotto aesthetic, which was accented perfectly by the on-point styling of hair and make-up. Overall, an inspiring and original collection for us patriotic Brits to be proud of! 

Collages via Fashion156.com

Modern Muse

My new article for Running In Heels is now up on the site! Read all about the Modern Muses that inspire today's best designers and why they deserve their place on top, from ChloĆ« Sevigny to Sienna Miller. Click here or above!
And just for the hell of it, here's a few pictures of Chloƫ with another of my lady loves Tilda Swinton at a Hugo Boss event a little while ago..

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NYFW Streetstyle F/W 11


It's Taylor Tomasi Hill,  Style & Accessories Director at US Marie Claire, in an amazing outfit as always! Abit of Comme des Garcons methinks? I love how her and her friend's shoes kinda match, but I would have taken the heels though!

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Friday Night Lights

Aside from my (old) profile picture I've only posted a few pictures of myself on the blog and thought I should do it now because a) I've not had long hair for a good few months now and b) my new laptop has a webcam! Obviously it's not great quality but the good side of it is that it hides all your flaws! Wait, not that I've got any....Anyway if I had a social life AT ALL I'd be wearing this out - tight leather jacket, wide-leg black trousers, old iron maiden t-shirt, leopard print scarf, high boots and this new bracelet I got at the YMCA charity shop for £1.99! It's so Seventies and opulent, I think Catherine Baba would throw her hands in the air yelling 'J'ADORE!!'


Marchesa F/W 2011

It may be a slightly unexpected collection for me to be reviewing but I have to agree with all the Hollywood starlets and say that Marchesa really does make the best gowns! Despite the label being only 7 years old it has become renowned with producing one-of-a-kind fairytale dresses, which explains why Marchesa is now rivaling Vera Wang in the wedding dress requests department! Sexy, feminine and sometimes edgy but always flattering, the women behind Marchesa have got the 'red carpet dress' market nailed! And this season is no exception, it is a beautiful collection but it's only downfall could be that it has more than an air of Alexander McQueen S/S 2007.

This season's collection features swathes of tulle and delicate lace in black, nude, red and irridesent silver, and as always the silhouettes are timeless and classy; the dresses never show too much skin but hint at it, revealing instead the figure and accenting the sensual parts of a women's body; slinky hips or a delicate decolletage, and despite a majority of full length dresses, the shorter pieces are always cut to a demure length. There are alot of fishtails in the collection, a classic red carpet look, but each has been executed perfectly by Marchesa's two extremely talented designers, and the accessories are to die for. Silver lace socks anyone!?

The Marchesa designers Keren Craig and Georgina Chapman
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