Issy Blow

Famed for her inexplicable talent for sniffing out extraordinary talent, and occasionally wearing an incredible hat or two, Isabella Blow was a true original. Since recieving 'Isabella Blow' by Martina Rink for Christmas I've been a wee bit obsessed with Issy. I've absorbed the book cover to cover, read every word and analysed every picture in it. But its still not enough! And it'll never be enough because I'll never get to meet her. 

I know its abit depressing to harp on about but it really saddens me that two of my fashion heros will be forever unreachable. I am too late getting into the game to ever meet them and THAT is depressing. I am, ofcourse, talking about Issy and Alexander McQueen, two British geniuses that will be sorely missed in the industry forever. To curb this sadness I scoured The Fashion Spot for Isabella's thread, saving every image I can't believe I'd never saved before. Here's some I've found of Issy at various shows but obviously every Issy sighting is a symphony of excess and brilliance:

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