Rochas Pre-Fall 2011

Absolutely one of my favourite Pre-Fall collections and gaining ground as one of my most anticipated shows when fashion week rolls around. Designer Marco Zanini has stealthily been altering the Rochas DNA for a few seasons now and this Pre-Fall collection feels solid, carefully considered, and the styling is beautifully simple - a statement hat, elegant earrings, smudgy make-up, a bulky bag tucked under arm. And I can't express how much I love that every look is styled with flat shoes (brogues/loafers?) and crumpled socks, because it still gets me that nearly EVERY collection shows heels but I can't be the only one who finds the idea of wearing heels all the time abit, well, painful and unrealistic?! Thank god for original thinkers like Marco Zanini! I would summarise this collection exactly how Zanini describes the Rochas label to Style.com: 'Unconventional glamour'

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