Hot Like Mexico, Rejoice!!

I woke up this morning to see a glimmer of sunshine outside my window and it sparked inside me a longing for warm summer days, and the freedom of sandals and t-shirts thrown on straight from bed. It made me think of all the holidays I'd had, and the holidays I had still to come. 2009 was one of the best years of my life for many reasons. Firstly, I got to bring my Fiance (then boyfriend) on holiday with my family to Florida. I got to show him everything I knew and loved about my annual family holiday, such as the glorious beaches; the awesome supermarket Publix which has awesome American food like Eggos (delicious toastable waffles); the shopping malls where we'd spend hourafterhourafterhour shopping and wandering the department stores like Macy's and J.C Penny; taking a ride on the back of my dad's Harley to Hooters for chicken wings and beer; hiring a boat out for the day and driving it to a small island called Cabbage Key that sells hands down the BEST clam chowder in the world...man, i could go on..

But 2009 was so special because happily I got taken away by my Fiance's parents to a resort in the Riviera Maya, Mexico, to the most insanely beautiful resort I've ever had to pleasure of staying in. Obviously the most special part of the whole holiday (and my whole life!) was when my Fiance proposed to me while we were having a private dinner on the beach under the stars, and the experience is something I will treasure forever. We mostly stayed in the resort, as it was so huge and there was plenty to do, but when we did take day trips out they were spectacular and unforgettable. One of my favourite trips was to see the ancient ruins of Tulum as they hold so much historical significance for Mexico. It was a SCORCHING hot day but despite the wilting heat it was one of the most beautiful sites I've ever been to.

Here are a few pictures of the ruins and the beach they called 'The Kings Beach' because only the King was allowed to lounge and swim there. These photos are mostly of the beach but I really wanted to post these pictures because they bring back so many memories and because the sea there was the brightest, bluest, clearest etc-etc, sea I've ever seen, and I had to share! Don't forget to click and enlarge them! Aaaaaah paradise...

My own pictures

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