My Wardrobe Picks II

Here's my wardrobe pick of the week! I thought it might make a nice change from the mad Fashion Weeks posts going on all over the blogsphere..

This is a beautiful dusky navy blue silk kimono dress from Topshop, and I had a real case of 'fashion fate' with this baby. I brought it during the London Fashion Week S/S 2011 shows while I was working for a PR company; I found it squashed next to a black silk trench coat (which I also bought) on a sale rail for £50. Still pretty expensive though right? Well I brought it anyway and after returning home and a week of um's and ah's, I decided (downheartedly ofcourse) that I couldn't afford it and, being a student, could probably use the money for food and bills, so I returned it to the Topshop in my city. So a few weeks pass and I nip into Topshop again to browse, and what's sitting there practically WAITING for me with a further £20 off?! This beautiful baby, exactly the same one I returned weeks before! Totally.meant.to.be. It must be love, love, LOVE!

Do you guys ever have 'fashion fate' moments?

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