Black Velvet

Well look at me and all my posts consisting of my own crappy photographs! I'm on a roll! I really wish my camera was better because it hasn't done justice to how beautiful my most recent vintage find is; a vintage Jaeger matte black velvet cropped blazer with matching waistcoat! It's in incredible condition, and from the snug fit and style, and the yellowed old label, I'm pretty sure its from about the 1960's/70's. The blazer is collarless, it has rounded and slightly flared sleeves, and a fine line of stitching around the hems (which you can just make out in the pics), and the waistcoat is the same black velvet with a silky black satin back. I can imagine Kate Moss wearing this (she loves a good blazer/waistcoat combo) and I'm going to style it as she would with a white shirt, skinny jeans and a good pair of plain black flats.

All pictures my own

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  1. Gorgeous, vintage-y, velvet goodies.

    Helen, X