Fashion Eccentrics

Oh man, it's been awhile huh?! I feel terrible for not posting for so long, who knew blogger guilt could be so strong? Anyway it's taken longer than I expected but I'm finally home from University! That's it, finito! I can no longer all myself a student (boo!) but I am happy and super excited to begin the long slog that is the path to my dream career. Inbetween all the final assessment work and packing up to move home madness I still managed to keep writing for Running In Heels, and my latest article has gone up!

Fashion today thrives on theatricality and pushing the boundaries of what is acceptable (raw meat dress anyone?) so my article about fashion's greatest eccentrics is more than apt. Read about histories greatest influences and the eccentrics making their mark today to claim their stake in fashion's history books.

Anna Piaggi: one of fashion's original and greatest eccentrics
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