So as promised here is the epic Henry VIII / William Morris coat I bought from Beatnik Emporium a few months ago. I still haven't been able to wear it because it needs a lil' D.I.Y but I love just hanging it up on the picture rail in my room and staring at it for what feels like hours, just imagining the crazy outfits I could concoct with this bad boy.

Extravagant? Yes. Festive? Yes. Totally necassary? YES. It's made up of a tapestry fabric which has a gorgeous paisley pattern, dark paisley velvet sleeves, gold rope frogging detail on the back and front, and black lace panels on the sleeves and sides that make the coat SWOOSH when I twirl in it (which I do ofcourse) and to top of the amazingness - a metallic bronze collar......EPIC COAT-AGE.

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