Nina and Lola

My new article is up on Running In Heels! Established in 2007 Nina and Lola is an online boutique that stocks an amazing mix of up-and-coming designers and well curated vintage from Christian Dior to Liberty and Yves Saint Laurent. But the true treasures of the boutique, in my opinon, is the jewellery. Hannah Martin's unisex jewellery brings a hefty dose of rock n' roll and Fannie Schiavoni's medieval bodyarmour inspired collection is a phenomenon waiting to happen!

Hannah Martin Sterling Silver Knife Edge
Knuckle Duster

Hannah Martin Sterling Silver Imperial Eagle Ring

Fannie Schiavoni Steel Chainmail Cross Necklace

Fannie Schiavoni Chainmail Glove
with Aluminum Scales

Aside from the great mix of designers (Stine Goya anyone?) the customer service is top class as it offers worldwide shipping, free returns on all goods and loyalty points assigned to your account, one for every ₤1 spent! You don't see that everyday! This is an original one-of-a-kind boutique so check out my Running In Heels article for more information!

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