Hermès, What A Wonderful Dream!

You know when you see something like a bag or hat and think "I am so inspired by that. Gimme right now!!" and have the urge to play and get creative with it? Well that's what happened as soon as I went onto the Hermès 'J’aime Mon Carrè' site. I mean....wow. I've never wanted something so bad in my life! The site is full of inspiring photographs and grainy vintage looking films featuring cool 'youths' styling their scarfs, and shot in the 4 coolest cities in the world; London, Paris, New York and Tokyo. My favourites have to be New York and Paris!

The Hermès scarf is a classic wardrobe staple, adored by old and new Hollywood celebrities from Audrey Hepburn to Oprah Winfrey and one of my personal style icons, Sarah Jessica Parker. Take a look at the site, then go to their online boutique and start compiling your wish list! I'll take one in every colour please!

US ELLE magazine did a great editorial awhile back on the Hermès scarf and the multitude of ways to wear it, and its still up online for you to take a look at. For now I'll just have to experiment with this 1970's multi coloured tie-dye scarf that was donated to me by one of my mum's friends. C'est chic non?

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