Best Holiday of 2010

So this is my first appearance on the blog! Be aware I do now have awesome short hair and my fiance Chris still looks the same..like a caveman. But he's my caveman! This was a week long trip to Centre Parcs in Longleat Forest and we had a blast; we stayed in our own house, went out for meals nearly every night, went swimming, played crazy golf and ping pong, ate pancakes and tapas...all in all it was an amazing holiday and here's the pictures as proof!

This was our home for the week, felt nice to be around all the greenery

Lovely and cosy with a lake view

We rented bikes too, there's no better way to get around!

Centre Parcs has an amazing indoor Tropical Swimming Pool
which has outdoor rapids and flumes!

Awesome Medieval themed golf course

Craaaaazy golf

We were lucky to get some beautiful weather

We bowled alot and Chris won alot

He's very happy about winning clearly
Chillin' at the 'bucks

The Spanish restuarant was so cool and felt authentic

Tequila Sunrise!

Mouth wateringly good Tapas...mmm just thinking about those
little chunks of chorizo..

Chris kickin' ass

That's my competition face....scary

Chris's pump rocket...1,2.3 FIRE!!

Being gorgeous in the gorgeous secenery

Ping Pong! Chris won that too

What? Your never too old to have fun



Mwaaaa! Au Revoir!

All pictures my own

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  1. haha, loving the pics girl and the blog!! At last I've had a look! Great work :-) xx