Dries Van Noten S/S 2002

My third year dissertation is based around the cultural appropriation by fashion designers today (Rackk and Ruin sparked a great debate on this already) and I've spent many hours in my University's library scanning books and magazines for visual examples of this. One of the best things about writing a theory dissertation is that you can choose to write about whatever you want, so naturally I angled mine to include one of my favourite designers in the world; Mr Dries Van Noten! Here are some scans from Collezioni Donna magazine S/S 2002; this magazine is like Le Book, a quarterly magazine dedicated to indepth study of the womenswear shows and womens fashion. Anyway, feast your eyes on Dries Van Noten S/S 2002 which I think could totally be appropriate for this year given in the influx of beachy/hippie clothes!

Original picture source Collezioni magazine, scanned by me

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  1. What anamazing collection!! I love that pink wrap piece! It's also fun to see who was modeling for him in his s/s 2002 shows!