Official Obsessed

Officially obsessed with slippers; doesnt matter what colour or style, I'm there and ready to wear! I currently own two pairs; one cheetah print pair from Topshop and one black velvet pair from Zara, but it's never enough! The leopard print ones above will soon be spotted on Caroline of Carolines Mode and I can see the second pair on someone like Krystal Simpson from What Is Reality Anyway?. Both gorgeous chicks with killer style!

1st & 2nd pair via Lori's Shoes, 3rd via Topshop, 4th via Zara & 5th via American Apparel


  1. I am obsessed with slippers too. I think they're called mens smoking shoes, or maybe smoking slippers. The style anyway! Totally in love.

  2. Shoes make life happier, I want everyone!