Totally Nude

Misleading title ey? Well, your here now!

I'm sure I remember United Nude being posted around the blogsphere awhile ago because how could anyone forget shoes like these? I just love them and will definately be saving up for a pair for summer (not that they're that expensive anyway!). Design features like floating foot-beds and sculptural heels made from hand moulded carbon fiber are features that make these shoes pretty special in my book. And the sheer variety of styles is amazing! You can get almost every high heel design in a medium heel too! Why doesn't everyone do that?! Recent years have seen the collection expand massively so if you think you've seen it all before, look again! Anyway here's my picks from their expansive website; I can see the first pair of flats sitting well with Spring/Summer's sporty minimal trend and the third pair would look great with a simple 3/4 length t-shirt dress and biker jacket. Maybe I'll mock up a another collage and see how it turns out?

Images via United Nude

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