Not So Black & White

Initially it was this beautiful picture of a raffish yet feminine woman dressed in a denim shirt with kohl-lined eyes and scruffy hair that caught my eye, but after reading about the photographer himself, I so wish I lived in LA so I could see what is bound to be an amazing and important exhibition. Visit the Michael Kohn gallery website here to read about the amazing photographer Charles Brittin, who photographed California's Beat community in the 1950's and later went on to document the civil rights movement in the 1960's, eventually joining the cause and assisting with the registration of black voters in the Deep South.

I do not claim to have an indepth or studied knowledge of this amazing photographer but I wanted to post these images because his work spoke to me firstly as being beautiful, but more importantly, you can feel the empowerment and sense of importance in his photographs. Enjoy!

Info & Images via Michael Kohn Gallery, originally found at Fashion Copious

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