And Now for Something Totally Different...

Sometimes I have those days where nothing of any use gets done, but I find a s**t ton of AMAZING new blogs to fill up my time non-productively. Yesterday was one of those days and I must have added atleast 7/8 new blogs to my hit 'em up list, and one of the most outstanding has to be The Brick House.

Despite being an avid fashion groupie (I live it, breathe it, snuggle up to it, make it eggs the next day), I have always had a soft spot for lifestyle and interior design blogs. It allows me to live vicariously through (mostly american?!) people who have the lifestyle and means to afford an amazing home and live an amazing life, whether it's running a confectionary shop and living in a brownstone in Brooklyn, NY, like Sweet Fine Day (love this blog) or documenting the renovation of a mid century brick house in California, like The Brick House. This blog follows Morgan Satterfield shopping in thrift stores/flea markets/vintage shops in order to build the perfect home, while also documenting her travels and happenings to add a fun, personal touch. Naturally with these types of blogs it's all about the amazing visuals so i'll shut up and let the pics do the talking.

All pictures owned by and sourced from The Brick House

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  1. I was psyched the day i discovered The Brick House. . . it's one of my favorite interior/lifestlye blogs as well. She always does such fun house projects are finds the most amazing things at fleas. . . . makes me wish i lived in CA.