Stefano Pilati

Over the last few years I have noticed that menswear fashion has come to the forefront and is now regarded as being somewhat on a level with womenswear, in terms of importance and the press coverage it now recieves. I love how men are taking note of fashion (and I'm talking in generalities here), and I love the influx of stylish men being snapped on streetstyle blogs outside of shows and on the streets on New York, Paris, Milan and London. Grazia actually did a great double-page feature in their February '11 issue on men in fashion titled, yup it's a doozy, 'Hot Fashion Men Alert', and Tommy Ton's street snaps for GQ.com is now on my list of must-visit-for-sartorial-inspiration websites.

A few of the more prominent stylish men have always been around - Jefferson Hack (co-founder of Dazed & Confused, Another Magazine and Kate Moss's baby daddy), Tom Ford (shouldn't need to explain this one!) and George Cortina (stylist and worked for Vogue Nippon, L'uomo Vogue and Harper's Bazaar), are a few examples but recently my obsession with men in fashion hit an alltime high when I came across these images of Yves Saint Laurent's chief designer Stefano Pilati. Aged 45, Pilati is, in my opinion, THE most stylish man in the industry and one of the most talented designers of today. Behold the stylish man in all his sexy sexiness -

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  1. he's so amazing!