A Rose By Any Other Name...

Maybe its my inner voyeur that chemically rewards me with a rush of Serotonin everytime I visit Style Like U and Closet Visit, or maybe I just feel giddy and naughty for poking my nose into other people's homes, but whatever it is, I do love it!

Closet Visit is a website founded by LA based artist Jeana Sohn that documents her visits to friends and fellow Angeleno's homes and wardrobes. As you might guess, the site has a homely, breezly, sunshine-y feel to it and all photographs are carefully set up and curated to achieve an artistic but professional look. I wanted to post this Closet Visit because I think I'm in sartorial love with this woman, Shiva Rose, and her wardrobe and home! Oh to live the bohemian sun-drenched lifestyle. Visit the site to see more pics of Shiva and more of Jeana's amazingly stylish friends!

All pictures owned by & sourced from Closet Visit & Jeana Sohn

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