Wardrobe Picks III

This week's Wardrobe Pick is one of my favourite pieces in my whole wardrobe because a) its an incredibly beautiful dress and b) its one of the most expensive, and therefore precious, pieces of clothing I've ever bought. The story goes like this -

I was out in London after visiting family and going for a job interview at Browns when I decided to browse around Vintage Modes in the Gray's Antiques Mews (I say browse, but its more like sweat, cry, and rub myself over the beautiful vintage clothes I can't afford, but anyway). After about 30 minutes I came across this beautiful dress, a hand-made gold silk dream of a dress, and literally gasped as I pulled it out of the stuffed rails. After gawping for a few moments I nervously peeked at the price tag with the gut feeling that I wouldn't be able to afford it. And surprise suprise I couldn't - it was in the hundreds of pounds and I've never EVER spent that much on anything or anyone before.

But my hands wouldn't let me put the dress back and before I knew it I was asking the kind owner where I could try it on. So stupidly I tried the dress on and after feeling the gold silk slide over my arms and hips, and wrapped the scarf elegantly around my neck, I was already thinking of way I could afford this dress. The dream dress, the most beautiful dress I'd ever tried on; hand sewn with a button up back and billowing sleeves, it created the most elegant silhouette I'd ever seen and I was entirely smitten.

Maybe I could cut back on food for a few weeks/months? No more magazines for a few weeks/months? Do I really need deodorant that much? After I slid (literally, the dress is like liquid gold!) out of the dress I did something quite embarrasing; I tried to haggle with the boutique owner. I know, I know, dispicable but hey, IT WORKED! I haggled £40 off the price and after all that, well, I couldn't not buy it. So I did, and to this day I still look up at it hanging on my wall like a piece of art, waiting to be worn. And a dress like this needs a special occasion and so I plan to wear it on my honeymoon in Mexico. Aaaaah the things we do for love...

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  1. this is really pretty! i love vintage! xxxx

  2. That is beautiful! Lovely subtle shade of gold too...