It's Like A Lion And A Tiger Mixed...Bred For Its Skills In Magic

I had been meaning to do a post on these two fabulous ladies and their personal style blogs for some time because both women have impeccable taste and always look glam in an effortless rock-star kinda way!

Liger is a 'one-stop shopping pilgrimage' for fans of edgy yet high profile designer clothes and accessories, set in the fashionable district of Causeway Bay, Hong Kong. It's founders Dororthy Hui, a respected stylist, and Hilary Tsui, an actress & style icon, wanted to create somewhere fun for women and men to shop the latest avant-garde collections by designers such as Camilla Skovgaard, Future Classics, KTZ, Bless, Pleasure Principle, Stephen Jones and many, many more. Here are some pictures of Dorothy and Hilary from their personal style blogs, which are WELL worth a visit and a long browse through the archives!

Dorothy Hui :



Tiffany Tsui :


Pictures sourced from Hilary & Dorothy's blogs


  1. brilliant, I love that they named their shop 'Liger'!

    also thank you v much for the link to Jeana Sohn's blog, I actually hadn't seen it before and I like you am a complete sucker for life style envy (ie, wanting to cut my own flowers also) so I'm sure it'll quickly become a go-to!

  2. uh oh . . . two more stylish ladies to online stalk!!