Maison Martin Margiela F/W 11

I have to admit I have never been a big MMM fan, partly because I either found the clothes to be too minimal, thus abit bland, or too avant garde, thus unwearable for someone like myself, but this collection was a 'double glancer' for me. Initially I fell in love with the colour palette and beautiful textures but then as I looked closer, the details, accessories and styling pulled me deeper into the collection and now I can't stop thinking about it! The way the layers of clothing are deconstructed and 'falling off' in a fluid manner; the patent berry sitting rigid against purple satin; the long, elegant silhouette; the perfect leather boots; the zip detail running up and down the seams of heavy grey skirts and sleeveless tops; the choice of models and the perfectly messy (even dirty) looking hair and smudgy arty make-up, I could go on!

I am truely engrossed in this collection right now! Don't forget to click and make them HQ so you can check out the details too!

Picture source TFS via vogue.it

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