Into The Wild

Ever since seeing Into The Wild last year I've had this GQ photoshoot lying around my laptop desktop so I thought I'd break up the FASHIONFASHIONFASHION on this blog and post one of my guy crushes! (my Fiance understands naturally)

Into the Wild is an incredible film starring Emile Hirsch and written/directed by Sean Penn. The film is based on the life of American Christopher McCandless who, after graduating from University and with many career choices ahead of him, decides to give up his material possessions and live in the wilderness and experience life in its most raw and natural form. The film resonated with me on so many levels; its emotional and poignant, and totally relevant to the issues we all face, issues of social and ethnical morals caused by living in a world saturated by commericiality and superficiality. Emile gave an incredible performance and a few days after I saw the film I happened upon this photoshoot for Italian GQ style magazine - the boys got something! Also the soundtrack by Eddie Vedder is pretty epic and beautifully connotes the imagery of sweeping open plains and snowy mountains in my mind...

Picture source via TFS 

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